Jun 20 2021


2:00 pm - 4:00 pm



Lillian Attinasi Artist Retrospective – A Cultural Bridge Sunday Afternoons

Lillian Porter Attinasi’s works span several decades, encompassing a variety of media, such as oil, ink drawings, silkscreen, woodblock, and photo-collage, exploring a number of cultural influences. Lillian’s exhibit aims to broaden cultural understanding and positive change in our world, with over 40 pieces of art created throughout her career up to the present time. Lillian’s focus on culture, community, and education has been her passion for many years, and she will also be conducting 2 hands-on workshops for elementary and high school students in Gary. There will be no cost to students, all supplies will be provided. Lillian feels strongly about educating young people on the role that art-making plays in cultural understanding and positive change. Student work created in these workshops will be displayed in a special exhibit amidst her own work. Dates and times for the student workshops will be posted on our website, Facebook and Instagram closer to the time.

Lillian Attinasi’s retrospective “A Cultural Bridge” highlighting 60+ years of different genres and media with an emphasis on education 1959-present: Ink Drawings, Portraits and Abstract Landscapes, Oil on Canvas/Linen of Chicago, Indiana and Mexico, Surreal landscapes, Woodblock Prints in Japanese Ukiyo-e technique, Large Scale Dune landscapes, Silkscreen and Woodblock Prints, Collage-enhanced Photography, and her most recent work using Repurposed Materials including her freshest work highlighting the danger of our throw away world with sculptures using discarded gift boxes.

OPENING RECEPTION Friday June 4th 6-8pm will include culinary treats catered by West Coast Chef Marlena Attinasi of MarlenaCooks

There will also be an educational aspect of this exhibit with workshops for grade school and for high school students, as well as a silent auction.

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